Friday, June 3, 2011

DiNardo's Famous Crabs.

Crabs. The Good Kind.

Dining at DiNardo's of Philadelphia transports you to a sea food shack on the Chesapeake Bay (minus the marine scenery). After 35 years in Philly, DiNardo's is still serving up their crabs the way they should be done- Maryland style, steamed, extra dirty, covered in spices. Ranging in size all the way up to extra jumbo, DiNardo's smothers their crabs in bay seasonings and serves them with a signature vinegar dip for the perfect Maryland crab experience. DiNardo's serves a full seafood menu as well, but I go here especially for my crab fix.
Something So Ugly Never Tasted So Good.

Get Them Cleaned.

If you are not used to eating Maryland style crabs (that is the WHOLE crab, served to you to pick apart and devour with your fingers) I suggest ordering your crabs cleaned. This means that DiNardo's will do the dirty work for you- they will remove the lungs, guts, and other unmentionable innards that are inedible- so when your crabs arrive at your table it is ready to pick apart and eat. Now, that doesn't mean all the work is done for you. You still have crack, break, and pick apart the shell of the crab to expose the perfectly seasoned, steamed, lump crab meat of your dreams; but that's half the fun. Ordering the crabs cleaned costs a little extra, but it's worth it, especially if you've never robbed a dead crab of his guts before.
Cleaned Crabs (Sans Guts).

A Few More Tips.

Eat Until You're Full- At DiNardo's you can order by the crab, so you can eat until you are full and won't have to worry about trying to determine how many crabs you will need for your party all at once.

Ask For Oyster Crackers- Oyster crackers and horseradish sauce are available upon request. These are helpful for breaking up the palate of the meal and pacing your satiety.

Try The Garlic Crabs- If you like garlic and you like crabs, you shouldn't need any more convincing. Ask for bread to sop up the sauce.

Get crabby at DiNardo's. 
Now you know.

DiNardo's Famous Crabs
312 Race Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106