Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The BEST Grinder in Philly.

I said grinder, not cheesesteak.

The "Paesano" at Paesano's located at 152 West Girard is one of the most incredible things you will ever eat. The signature sandwich pictured above takes roast beef to a whole new level. Tender beef brisket, horseradish mayo, roasted tomatoes, pepperincino, sharp provolone, and- just to make sure you leave full and satisfied- a runny fried egg. The combination is flawless; their ingredients- top notch. The Paesano is an entire meal on an 8 inch roll. And the cost? $8. While it is possible to tackle an entire one of these bad boys on your own (depending upon how starving you are) but enlisting a friend to split one is not a bad idea. While the namesake grinder is a favorite for many of the regulars at Paesano's, they have many more masterpieces on their menu that will not disappoint.

My Personal Favorite?

The Paesano was the first sandwich I tried at this sacred place so it holds a special place in my heart. But upon forcing myself to branch out across the menu I discovered what is probably my favorite sandwich of all time, ever, in my whole life: The Gustaio (pictured above). It's perfect- homemade lamb sausage, sun-dried cherry mustarda, gorgonzola cheese, roasted fennel, and arugula, wrapped in a pan fried pita. What is awesome about this sandwhich (besides the incredible flavor combination of the sweet cherry, gamey lamb, and creamy, goat cheese) is that it is the lightest sandwich offered at Paesano's. Not only do I adore the combination, I enjoy being able to finish my sandwich and continue my day afterwards (I have been put to sleep by some of their other sandwiches, I'm not kidding). I have yet to be disappointed here.
Some more recommendations: The Arista (Suckling pig, broccoli rabe, sharp provolone), and The Torrezoux (creamy, Sriracha-y, chicken cheesesteak- a "special" but they always have it).

An Authentic Taste of Philly. 

Paesano's is really a hidden gem in this city. You might even miss it on Girard (pictured above) if you don't know what your looking for. The shop is tiny; only six stools at the single counter, but there is outside seating in the nicer weather. The men cooking will wow you with the lightning speed and perfection with which they whip up these sandwiches. The place does get busy (because it's so damn good) but there is always the call ahead option if you're eating around peak hours. Don't live near Northern Liberties? There is a second location in the Italian Market at 1017 S. 9th St. I can't emphasis enough how AWESOME this place is. I go about once a week. I need my fix.

Paesano's = Best sandwiches. Now you know.

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