Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Music? Drinks? Dancing? The Blockley Pourhouse.

Not Just Another College Bar.
Of the many bars in Philly, the Blockley Pourhouse in University City is my favorite place to venture out to on the weekends. Why? Live Music. If I'm going to spend all my money at a bar, I want to be entertained. Recently the Blockley has been booking some awesome bands bringing out a more diverse crowd than you would expect from a University City bar. Good live music, a mixed-up crowd, and an awesome atmosphere keeps me coming back to the Blockley weekend after weekend. The set up of the place is ideal for seeing bands. There is lots of open space, a large oblong bar (with lightning quick bar tenders), and elevated tables with bench style seating if you need to take a load off. The bar is intimate enough that you can view the stage perfectly from any spot in the house, but spacious enough to get your groove on.

Where and When?
The Blockley is located at 3801 Chestnut Street, squished between Drexel and UPenn. With that, the bar can be crowded with lots of college kids with one motive: to get drunk. So if you're like me, and you would much rather see some live talent than watch frat boys go in for the kill, check the calendar before you go. The acts they book vary, so there is something for everyone to enjoy- DJ's, rap artists, jam bands, electronic music, reggae groups- definitely a great place to broaden your musical horizon. 

Musical Recommendations.
I am a fan of lots of different musical styles, none of which you will hear on the radio (unless your listening to Oldies 98.1) but I have seen a handful of great shows that suit my fancy at the Blockley. A great band that keeps popping up there is Splintered Sunlight (pictured above on stage at the Blockely), a Grateful Dead cover band that's just about as close as you can get. Another band to watch out for on the calendar is Bodega, a jazz funk band originally from West Chester, PA that spices up their style with some electronic beats. These guys are young but they are extremely talented musicians. Their ensemble includes drum, bass, guitar, keys, and often a sax player. Coming soon to the Blockley is Orchard Lounge, a two-man-one-woman trio of electronic DJ's that will keep you dancing all night long. They will play there Saturday 6/11 so come on out!

The Blockley Pourhouse. Now you know. 

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