Tuesday, May 24, 2011

North Third.

Good Beer. Great Food. Fantastic Atmosphere.

Located in Northern Liberties, North Third is my go-to restaurants when I just can't make up my mind. North Third is always good and their menu offers dishes with a variety of influences, so no matter what mood I'm in, I leave satisfied. The decor is nothing short of eclectic, with masks lining the walls, paintings of naked ladies in bathtubs about, and kites nailed to the ceiling. The atmosphere is laid back so it is a good place to relax and enjoy a unique beer or two, or three. Most importantly, this restaurant and bar is fairly priced. Their standard menu offers many classic dishes that are priced very reasonably, with starters and appetizers under $10 and entrees under $20. They always offer a menu of specials as well, which can run a few dollars extra, but the dishes are worth it. Speaking of specials, let me tell you about the best dish I've ever had while dining out (and I found it at North Third.)

The Best Thing I Ever Ate.

I went to North Third on a Thursday night, ordered off their specials list, died and went to heaven. The special was pork tenderloin, wrapped in prosciutto, over a bed of asiago risotto, topped with porcini mushrooms, roasted spinach, and sun dried red peppers. Not only did the dish contain my favorite ingredients, they were combined so perfectly that I still haven't stopped raving about this dish. The tenderloin was exactly that, so tender, and completely covered in crispy prosciutto. The risotto was significantly cheesy, giving it a powerful flavor. The special cost $17 dollars. I ate the entire thing because it was so incredible, but I left way more than full. I am not sure how regularly this dish pops up on the specials list, but I have been back to North Third and seen it again. I can honestly say, the prosciutto wrapped pork tenderloin at North Third was the best thing I ever ate.

Awesome Regulars.

The regular menu also contains many dishes that are always awesome and won't burn a huge hole in your pocket. Their Backyard Burger is the best burger I have had in Philly. At only $9, this huge burger comes with fries and can be served with an array of gourmet toppings for 25 cents extra (goat cheese, Boursin cheese, bacon, guacamole). The Potato Pierogies, served with caramelized onions and sour cream, is a great starter to share with the table, at $8.50. Their Crispy Chicken Sandwich with guacamole, bacon, tomato, and mayo is another stunning combination that will fill you up for $10. There is something for everyone on this menu and their specials are sure to please.

Tickle your fancy at North Third. 
Now you know.

North Third
801 N. 3rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123

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